Aug 19, 2021 • 55M

Jolin Tsai's Galaxy

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From revenge-themed horror stories to adorable romances, mandopop icon Jolin Tsai’s music videos are as varied as they come. This variation applies to her sound as well, which ranges from gothic to upbeat, industrial to electronic. Yet there is a core element in Tsai’s work that remains consistent: each release is another testament to the power of storytelling. Beneath the colorful and elaborately detailed fiction stories, there are raw and powerful truths told about body image, equality, and other serious topics. Social commentary is paired with attention-grabbing visuals to make each of Tsai’s musical personas unforgettable.

This episode covers a timeline of Jolin Tsai’s career, takes a close look at the meanings of the lyrics in her most profound songs, summarizes the plots of her best music videos, and overall pays tribute to an artist whose work is endlessly entertaining and inspiring.

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